Wieden, a different side of Vienna

The Austrian capital is not all high art and ballgowns. A short walk from its famous attractions, the district of Wieden has a younger, edgier feel with indie coffee shops, contemporary galleries and a multicultural food scene

Karlsplatz is one of Vienna’s largest town squares, and its busiest transport hub. From the U-Bahn station the state opera and the Museums Quarter are each a short walk away; the Kunsthalle, a treasure trove of modern art, and Vienna’s most famous concert venue, the Musikverein, sit on the square itself. This is one of the most culturally rich city centres in the world. And just a few minutes’ walk south, away from Vienna’s famous attractions, is a very different place altogether, the city’s fourth district – Wieden.

The roads that lead there aren’t immediately promising. Operngasse is student territory, home to the University of Technology, and Wiedner Hauptstrasse is a commercial high street. But either one leads quickly to the heart of a vibrant urban neighbourhood, where commercial buildings sit beside baroque architecture, and youth culture co-exists with tradition.

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