Why not skydive in New Zealand on your gap year?

Why not skydive in New Zealand on your gap year?

Skydive, New Zealand’s first tandem skydive operation, and see some of the most dramatic scenery in New Zealand!

In 1990, NZONE Skydive was the first tandem skydive operation to open in New Zealand and is now is now celebrating 25 years of skydiving over Queenstown and over 250,000 tandem jumps.

NZONE Skydive is one of the pioneering adventure tourism companies in New Zealand starting with a team of three to now being one of the largest operators in Queenstown and winner of a New Zealand Tourism Industry Supreme Award.

It takes a certain kind of person to jump from an aircraft at 15000ft into thin air.  It takes courage.  Harnessed to an experienced qualified Jumpmaster, you step out of that aircraft door and for some 60 seconds you plummet towards the ground at 200 km/hour. Terminal Velocity.

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