Why has everyone fallen in love with Southeast Asia?

Why has everyone fallen in love with Southeast Asia?

Over the last few years, more travellers than ever have been venturing to Southeast Asia for the ultimate sense of adventure. And who can blame them? These distant shores have an abundance of culture, cuisine and idyllic scenery to please any explorer. We discuss why the Southeast really is so addictive…

It's budget friendly

Any traveller is keen to get the most out of their money and the Southeast definitely meets these requirements. Depending on how far in advance you book your flights, you can pick up a ticket to Bangkok Airport for as little as £350 one way! When you arrive in Thailand you’ll be surprised how cheap the cost of living is. Eating at the incredible street food vendors can cost you as little as 60 Thai Baht which equates to just over £1, and sampling the delights of local restaurants doesn’t

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