Walking Canada’s Fundy Footpath

The Bay of Fundy is famous for the world’s highest tides, but the spectacular trail along its north shore is used only by a handful of clued-up walkers. James Stewart signs up for a hiking adventure

The thing about distance, says Mike Carpenter, is that, like time, it’s relative. We are in his pickup truck, swooping up the coast north of St Martins in Canada’s New Brunswick. “Sure, the Fundy Footpath is short,” he concedes, “but it’s punchy. It feels a lot longer.”

We’re en route to the trailhead at Big Salmon river with Nick Brennan, the other half of activity company Red Rock Adventures. Every so often we round a bend to see the rust-red cliffs along which we will walk roller coaster into the distance. Unbroken forest fuzzes their summits – this is the largest stand of Acadian old-growth forest in Canada’s maritime states.

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