Visit Reykjavík, a city of history

Visit Reykjavík, a city of history

Iceland's capital Reykjavík is a city steeped in history and tradition. Its beginnings are said to stretch back as far as 870 AD and has since formed into a place of great significance in Europe.

From its museums that are filled with irreplaceable artifacts, to its unique geographic landmarks, here are a few places that are great to visit on your gap year to gain a richer understanding of the capital's intriguing history.

Safnahúsið (National Museum)

Of the many fantastic cultural spaces in the city, the National Museum is the best place to start. There are always exciting new exhibitions that come and go, but for those wishing to step into the past, there is a permanent area where you can see relics of the country's past that date back to the Viking era. One of the many Viking treasures


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