Visions of Jordan: 20 Images of Time Spent in the Desert [Gallery]

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Few places have left more of an indelible impression on me than Jordan. It’s vast, mystical, ancient, and beautiful. Though my time there was quite brief, I’ll never forget the amazing things I saw and the people I met.

From Amman, we headed south through the vast Wadi Rum, past the Dead Sea, and on to Aqaba …


#1: In Awe of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom (Wadi Rum)

Jordan - Wadi Rum - Seven Pillars of Wisdom
© Salim Al-Harthy

#2: The Hard-Working Tourist Police

Tourist Police Checking Facebook, Jordan
© Mike Richard

I’m pretty sure this guy was checking his iPhone. No joke.

#3: Thick Ether Over the Dead Sea

Dead Sea Ether, Jordan
© Salim Al-Harthy

#4: High Above the Surface of Mars (Wadi Rum)

Hot Air Ballooning High Above Wadi Rum, Jordan
© Mike Richard

Looking down on the sands of Wadi Rum, it’s easily mistakable for the surface of another planet. It’s quite literally an otherworldly beauty.

#5: Alone by the Fire in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Man sitting alone by fire in Wadi Rum, Jordan
© Or Hiltch

#6: Field of Graves Outside Amman

Vast Field of Graves Near Amman, Jordan
© Mike Richard

#7: Desert Silhouettes: Mother + Baby Camel

A mother and baby camel atop a hill in silhouette
© Mike Richard

#8: Full Moon Over the Lost City (Petra)

Full Moon Over The Lost City, Petra, Jordan
© Or Hiltch

#9: Amid the Pink Sunset Over Petra

Pink Sunset Over Petra, Jordan
© Salim Al-Harthy

#10: Camel Love

Camel Love, Petra, Jordan
© Mike Richard

#11: Ready for Launch: Hot Air Ballooning Wadi Rum

Hot Air Ballooning Wadi Rum, Jordan
© Mike Richard

#12: Hot Pursuit in Wadi Rum

Truck following us in the Wadi Rum desert, Jordan
© Mike Richard

#13: Lone Pup Lost in Petra

A lone puppy looks coyly at the camera in Petra, Jordan
© Mike Richard

#14: Riding Through the Siq (Petra)

Riding Through the Siq (Petra, Jordan)
© Salim Al-Harthy

#15: The View The End of the World

Sign: A View to the End of the World (Petra, Jordan)
© Mike Richard

Sounds totally harmless …

#16: Looking Out Across the Dead Sea

Looking out across the Dead Sea, Jordan
© Mike Richard

#17: The Treasury from Above (Petra)

The Treasury at Sunset, Petra, Jordan
© Paul Stocker

#18: Waiting in Amman

Man waiting at Amman Train Station, Jordan
© Mike Richard

#19: A View to Jerash

Sweeping view of Jerash
© Mike Richard

#20: The Treasury by Candlelight (Petra)

The Treasury by Candlelight (Petra, Jordan)
© Paul Stocker

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