Vigo: a city break and a beach holiday

New direct flights to Vigo, on the coast of Galicia, bring the Caribbean-like beaches of the Cíes islands within easy reach. And there’s lots to enjoy in the newly confident city itself, too

On the wide crescent of soft white sand that stretched ahead as far as we could see, we spent a lazy afternoon sunbathing, occasionally cooling off in the clear sea. Earlier we had walked through low cloud and lush forest, explored hidden coves and stopped to eat octopus at the island’s only restaurant. It could have been Barbuda. But the Caribbean is a good 10-hour flight away; this is just two hours by plane from London, plus a pleasant half-hour boat ride.

My friend and I were in Rodas bay, a contender for best beach in the world, on Monteagudo, one of the gorgeous Cíes islands in Galicia, northern Spain. The archipelago is also made up of San Martiño and Faro islands: the first is reachable only by private boat, but the other two are served by ferries from the city of Vigo, which can be reached by new direct flights with Air Nostrum (aka Iberia Regional) from Luton.

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