Video: A year of shimmering Northern Lights in Norway

A Norwegian photographer spent 2013 documenting Auroras and whittled his footage down to five minutes. Here's the result

Yes, photos of the Aurora Borealis in the Arctic and Antarctic are beautiful, but it takes this stunning video to convey the full, other-worldly effect of one of nature’s most spectacular sights. 

After quitting his job as an equities broker, Ole Christian Salomonsen became a full-time photographer and videographer. He spent the last few years capturing the Northern Lights in video in Norway, annually compressing the footage into 5-minute videos. 

The 2013 video above features the lights over the natural landscape of Norway and the cityscape of Tromsø.  

Our favorite bit is at 3:55 — when the Aurora Borealis can be seen atop a sea of clouds hovering over the city. 

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“Auroras are visible in many places but northern Norway is the best place to experience it due to the great arctic landscapes and seascapes you can use with Auroras when photographing,” says Salomonsen. 

“Norway also has tall, steep mountains, long fjords and snow covered trees. Combining these with Auroras in the sky makes the whole experience more complete.”

The relatively gentle climate and great infrastructure are more reasons to go see them in Norway, says the Aurora fanatic. 

But what’s the best way to capture the beauty of the natural spectacle? You have to watch for coronal holes — the dark side of the sun, says Salomonsen. 

“These follow the rotations of the sun (28 days) and often when the coronal hole is facing earth, you can get flares and coronal mass ejections [bursts of gas] that will result in the greatest Northern Lights on earth.”

Salomonsen’s previous videos of Norway can be seen here

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