Trip4Real offers guided tours with stars of erotic films

Want an erotic, rather than exotic, holiday? Trip4Real has teamed up with feminist porn director Erika Lust to let you sample Spain in the company of adult performers … just not like that!

If your idea of a dream holiday involves getting drunk on vermouth with a porn star in Barcelona (and whose, frankly, isn’t?) then you may just be in luck: a new partnership between activities specialist Trip4Real and the Swedish feminist porn director Erika Lust now allows you to do just that. For €250, the actor Bel Gris will take you on a tour of his hometown’s best vermouth bars while he chats aperitifs. Or, if you prefer, you could always opt for paella with erotic film couple Joel and Alexa Thomas in Valencia, a personal training session with the erotic actor Juan Lucho (somewhat disappointingly there is no mention of pelvic floor exercises in the blurb), or a private guitar session with the enticingly named Luke Hotrod.

“I wanted a platform where I could demystify the often negative views that people have of an adult performer: someone troubled, on drugs, with money problems, or a sexual deviant,” says Lust, explaining her motivation behind the idea. “This is not the case at all. The performers from my project XConfessions are more than just their bodies, they are healthy people with interesting lives, passions, intellectual views. They have wonderful personalities and are some of the most interesting people I have ever met. I wanted to show that to people, giving them the chance to meet them through a fun, cultural day out, where they can talk to the performers about their lives outside of the industry, about their hobbies and cultural passions, with no sexual interaction involved.”

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