Trek Pleasures in La Paz

There is something beautiful about South America which is filled with beautiful locales. La Paz in South America is one such lovely destination that you can be proud of visiting and is an ideal spot for those who wish to see something different. Enjoy the treks here amongst the Cordillera Real Mountain Range that passes through the Llama valleys and traverses the pristine lakes. At a very great height, this is a tough trek for all and is a welcome treat for the adventure enthusiasts.

Cordillera Real Mountain Range

Treks here usually begin in the morning and this two hour drive ensures that you pass through the Altiplano and El Alto and enjoy the sights of the Andean landscape and the majestic mountain ranges. Come here to the Lago Tuni and have a good coco drink, which helps you to complete the trek. As the first winds trail you, you would be completely taken in by the simple aura of the surroundings and the majestic landscapes only add to the overall experience.

Llama in front of Laguna Chiar Khota

The path winds up through the pastures of Llama and takes you to the Condoriri Range. Walking is not easy and the trek gradually takes you up a height that is really exciting and adventurous. Pass the lake Isca Khota and enjoy the fascinating view of the beautiful Condoriri. The trail continues and stops at Laguna Chiar Khota, which is around 4700 m above the ground. Here you can take rest and have lunch against the backdrop of beautifully clad snowy peaks. The entire distance until here would take you around three to four hours.

Laguna Chiar Khota View

People come back to Tuni on the return thus making their treks very interesting and exciting. Take a first aid kit along lest you need it.

Treks to La Paz are filled with some of the most memorable and unique experiences providing you with ideal memories of a great paradise.

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