Travel Delights in Valparaiso

Valparaiso is a fascinating city around 300,000 on the Pacific Coast of the central part of the region. Referred to as Valpo this is around 120 km lying to the west of Santiagao De Chile, which is the Chilean capital. Very famous for its brightly coloured houses, enchanting seaside views and amazing surroundings, this is a really interesting and intriguing place to visit in the beautiful land of Chile.

With the main activities focused on petroleum refining, shipping and tourism, this is a lovely destination in beautiful South America. A World Heritage site, this UNESCO marvel was designated thus in the year 2003. Visiting this place is a lovely experience with a beautiful ambience and cherishable views. With exciting wildlife and a continuous variety of events, these tours are must see in Chile travels.

Coloured Houses at Valparaiso Shipping Experience at Valparaiso

Roam around the hilly streets and seep in the ambience. The colectivos are a big attraction here. These are the taxis painted in black and yellow running on fixed routes. A common way of transport hey provides ultimate travel delights in this part of America. The Metro Valparaiso or the Merval is also a transport attraction here.

Add to this the ascensores, the funiculars and the coastal strips, the simple pleasures of the communities on the hillside which give you vivid memories of fascinating tours. There is something special about South American travels as you can see and experience in tours to Chile.

Metro Valparaiso Metro Valparaiso Inside View

With a fblend of past cultures and present traditions, the cuisine here alongwith the beauty of the surroundings makes your travel experiences unique and special. Visiting the remote corners of this paradise, brings forth the existence of a new kind of surrounding which is interesting to explore. All this makes travels here exciting indeed.

Come to South America, enjoy the travels to beautiful Chile, and make way for some good memories in Valparaiso.

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