Tour Delights in Ouro Preto

Visit the beautiful land of Brazil and bring back with you wonderful pleasures from Ouro Preto, the lovely land of black gold founded sometime in the 17th century. This epicenter of the gold rush in the Minas Gerais state is a great city with the best of colonial architecture of the Portuguese kind. Modern buildings here complement the historical standards of the city. The churches in the 18th and the 19th century are decorated with golden and the beautiful works here are the major attractions here. This paradise is one of the most acknowledged and beautiful attractions of Brazil in South America.

Today this is a world heritage site recognized by the UNESCO and is one of the best preserved towns of the colonial era in Brazil today. The Minais Gerais is the most visited and the Ouro Preto is a great travel destination in fascinating Brazil tours.

Minas Gerais in Ouro Preto Ouro Preto Museum

The city tours are filled with museum and churches and tourists are warned not to take photographs inside. The Itacolomi State Park is a beautiful travel locale and has the best diversity of flora and fauna with the best hiking opportunities. Itacolomi means the “The rock and the boy” in the local Tupi Guarani language. It is an enchanting 12 km trek and the visits here are filled with rustic pleasures and country delights. Visitors come here and enjoy the simple delights of a fascinating land.

Ouro Preto Church Fazenda Sao Jose do Manso

The Casa Bandeirista da Fazenda Sao Jose do manso, too is a well preserved ranch house of the colonial era. This was in fact the first public building in the state.

Visit the Praca Tiradentes, which is another landmark in the town. There is a museum on mineralogy and many more all over the place.

Praca Tiradentes

With the best delights of a past paradise, this UNESCO heritage, Ouro Preto is a great combination of past structures and present grandeur.

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