Top 10 budget restaurants in Cardiff

Cardiff offers great places to refuel on the cheap. Updating his 2010 guide, Tony Naylor picks 10 spots where you can eat for under £10

A deli and cafe across two facing sites in Castle Arcade, Madame Fromage is a Francophile stalwart whose dedication to serving “real homemade food” is evident from the produce and baking displayed everywhere: dangling from the ceiling, stacked in the windows, in serried ranks in the appetising deli. Its day-time menu focuses on Breton and Welsh dishes, with main courses – such as filled galettes, baked camembert, beouf bourguignon and rarebit – coming in at around £8. However, if you take away, there are generous discounts to be had. I bagged a pot of Madame Fromage’s legendary lamb cawl (the well-seasoned, veg-packed stock had fathoms of flavour and it was full of unapologetically fatty, tasty chunks of lamb), and a slice of cherry and chocolate tiffin for £5.

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