Time for extra helpings: a foodie tour of Cáceres, Spain

With fine tapas and cutting-edge restaurants, Cáceres, in Extremadura, is a worthy gastronomy capital of Spain for 2015. So why’s it taken outsiders so long to find this gem of a city?

The first hurdle is the name, a volley of Castilian consonants that’s tough for non-Spaniards to get our mouths around. Then there’s the location. Remote and poorly communicated (the nearest Spanish airport is Madrid, three hours away by car), for decades this rough-cut jewel of a city has been waiting for a moment of glory that, with its election as this year’s Spanish Capital of Gastronomy, may have finally come.

It’s certainly puzzling that this gorgeous town, one of Extremadura’s two provincial capitals and the region’s historic hub, has remained so little-known, despite the free annual Womad world-music festival (held in May), not to mention the monumental stone citadel of the old town, built by the returning conquistadors with their new-world swag.

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