The Unbelievable Bioluminescent Bay

Come to beautiful Puerto Rico and visit the mysterious Bioluminescent Bay here in this part of the world. Filled with a visual delight this is the brightest bay here and is a perfect treat for all tourists. The luminescence is actually caused by same micro organisms which glow and leave a trail of neon blue coloured fantasies. The natural scenery of the ma grove trees in full red give you all the reasons to come back. There is  spectacular beauty about this place, which gives you a good reason to take back the most valuable travel kitty.

The Spaniards who come here first concluded that the bay was a work of the devil and they tried to stop the waters of the ocean from getting into the bay. They increased the brightness of the place and today we have a beautiful travel hot spot in tours to Puerto Rico. Located on the southern shores of the Island of Viequesi, this is a lovely magical region filled with the best recorded sights of lights and luminescence.

Bioluminescent Bay Attraction

Take a tour of this natural marvel and take back with you a memory that would last for ever. The mosquito Bay here has many organisms like dinoflagellates, Pyrodinium bahamense etc. These are mainly responsible for this absolutely eye catching phenomenon. The dinos come in touch with the other organisms here and they produce this beautiful visual delight of luminescence.

Kayak at Bioluminescent bay Bioluminescent bay Experience

Mosquito Bay is  a perfect haven for the dinos and this shallow and small region filled with the best of bay delights gives you the detail of how organisms get trapped in the bay and make it a bright fascination. The Mosquito Bioluminescent bay lying on the Vieques Island is the most lit up bay in the entire world. It has at least 1,60,000 microscopic dinoflagellates for every litre of water. These organisms react and emit a blue green light when they are agitated.

Visit the Mosquito Bay in Puerto Rico for absolute tour attractions.

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