The Resort Islands of San Andreas and Providencia

On tours to South America, you would surely not want to miss the beautiful resort islands of San Andreas and Providencia lying around 645 km to the northwest of the Caribbean coast. These are actually closer to Nicaragua and not to Colombia. Visit Colombia and enjoy travels to these resort islands, which are filled with beautiful surroundings, vast expanses of land and amazing sights.

Enjoy the land of Christopher Columbus who set foot here first when he was on his fourth voyage in search of the New World. Later, the English pilgrims came and lived in their ship, The Sea flower with élan. This is the time the others came too and inhabited the Plymouth rock. The Jamaican cotton growers were next and the entire place is a living paradise today. With around 60,000 residents here, San Andreas and Providencia get a permanent stream of visitors who love to come and explore the place.

Johnny Cay San Andres Colombia

Visit Johnny Cay. It is a beautiful region surrounded by palm fringes. Lying around 20 minutes by boat from San Andreas this is a much visited spot by tourists coming here. This is the best way you could enjoy the Caribbean ambience and the ideal weekend pleasures you could indulge in with delight. The white sandy beaches and the facilities of massaging with coconut oil is a major attraction here.

Morgans Cave

Then you have Morgan’s Cave, which is another fascinating spot for interested people and is a lovely way of spending travels here. The tourism market here is replete with the usual travel experiences.

Then there is the Museo de la Casa Islena, which is another important museum, which provides details about the entire region.

Museo de la Casa Islena

With many things to do and lots more to see, it is  a wonderful feeling to be here in South America, so enjoy your travels to the resort islands San Andreas and Providencia.

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