The Ness, Shaldon, Devon: hotel review

There is a distinct nautical feel to the decor of this attractive hotel. Unfortunately the cooking is also all at sea

Our arrival in Shaldon instantly put me into a holiday mood. Driving over the bridge from Teignmouth, the harbour sparkling in the sunshine, we entered the village in full celebratory swing, bedecked in bunting for the annual Shaldon regatta, with sailors spilling out of the pubs. The road got narrower and narrower, and just as I thought we’d have to get out of the car and walk, we turned the corner and there was the hotel.

Built in 1812 as a summer home for Lord Clifford, the Ness stands above the village, apart not just in location but in style too. In the heart of the village it’s all pastel Georgian cottages, while the Ness looks like a colonial villa, with a wrought iron balcony running round the front and sides.

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