The natural wonders of Crete

The natural wonders of Crete

As we previously reflected, the ancient sights of Crete make it worth a visit in their own right. But what makes the island so remarkable is that beside these ruins and historical centres are dazzling natural wonders. From the beaches and mountains to the immense wildlife, this is one of the most enrapturing islands in Europe.

Vai Beach

Though a busy area to visit in the summer months, the beach of Vai is a charming part of the island. With a forest of Cretan Date Palms complementing the wonderful shore, there is a uniqueness that is uncommon in most coastal areas. How the trees developed no one is quite sure, but there are theories and myths surrounding their planting – the best of which being that they accidentally grew from the dates that Arab pirates left when they stopped off for a snack whilst travelling the Mediterranean Sea.


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