The island treasure of Vela Luka awaits…

The island treasure of Vela Luka awaits…

Vela Luka is the biggest and the most significant place on the island of Korčula. One of the reasons it’s such a popular nautical and tourist destination is its beautiful location. Situated on the west of the island, Vela Luka is nestled at the end of well protected, deep bay; framed by magnificent hills and dotted with red tile roofs. Endless olive groves and lush forests sit alongside many drywall structures built the Vrtujci (round) way.

As well as being a nautical hotspot, Vela Luka is also the island’s artists and musicians colony. Many of the public areas are paved with more than 70 mosaics made during the First International Artist’s Meeting of Painters in -1968.  They can also be seen in the atrium of Centre for Culture. The Centre for Culture holds and presents a variety of Vela Luka’s


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