The Indian Pacific from Sydney to Perth: a trip to Australia through the middle of nowhere

Food and wine masterclasses, sky going on forever and the feeling of space you only get in the outback … this is a train journey you will never forget

You don’t take the 4,352 kilometre Indian Pacific Railway journey to get from Sydney to Perth (or vice versa). It’s a train you take to discover southern Australia – a vast place of contradictions: hostile and welcoming; at times bucolic, then barren.

The three-day train journey is already a hugely popular tourist trip among “grey nomads” in Australia, but the operator, Great Southern Rail, is now set on attracting a wider range of clientele, with spruced-up carriages and renovated lounges, additional off-train excursions along the route and a new food and wine menu on board that showcases the best of Australian cuisine.

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