The foodie traveller … visits Kolkata’s last Jewish bakery

The Nahoum and Sons bakery is one of the last vestige’s of Kolkata’s Jewish heritage – but it still attracts the odd very important patron

Stepping inside the Nahoum and Sons bakery in South Kolkata is a trip back in time. The legendary confectioner’s shop hasn’t changed much since it first opened 113 years ago; the same teakwood furniture and display cases remain, and the same list of sugary treats based on old family recipes.

Kolkata’s region, Bengal, is known throughout India for its delectable sweets – from rosogolla (spongy milk balls soaked in sugar syrup) to shor bhaja (deep-fried milk cake) to chenna (a moist and crumbly sweetened cow’s cheese), though in a majority-Hindu city it’s unusual that the most popular dessert haven is run by a Jewish family.

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