The foodie traveller … takes a test of pide, Turkish pizza

Sweet and doughy, topped – or even stuffed – with meat and cheese, the pide is a traditional snack from Turkey’s Black Sea coast

The term pide generally refers to a boat-shaped Turkish pizza that is topped with meat and cheese and cooked until crispy. But pide can mean different things: Ramazan pidesi is sweet doughy bread served at Ramadan; a similar style of pide is used in kebab shops as a base for cooked meat; and içli pide, or filled pide, is the type I know and love.

Içli pide dates back to the 1850s, when bakers in the small town of Bafra, on the Black Sea, started stuffing their bread before baking it. This simple dish has been modernised with delicious toppings like cheese with sujuk (a cured beef sausage) and wafer-thin pastrami with egg.

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