The foodie traveller on … reinventing poutine in Toronto

Any dish in which gravy can be substituted for Japanese curry or a red wine jus, and then poured over french fries and a variety of toppings, is likely to be a hit. So, lucky Toronto!

Canadians may be renowned for their politeness, but some Toronto chefs are treating the country’s iconic french fries-based dish, poutine, in a less than deferential manner. Instead of the traditional cheese curds and gravy, more creative toppings are being used, from brie to jerk chicken, reflecting the city’s multicultural dining scene.

Rose City Kitchen (406 Queens Street West, offers a Mediterranean-inspired take on poutine, featuring tabouleh, halloumi cheese and hummus aioli. Restaurant founder Nihul Sharma concedes that the dish sounds unusual, but says people have become “raving fans”. Sprinkled with tart sumac powder, the fries offer a crunchy alternative to pitta.

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