The destination for a dream vacation

South America is a destination that is worth to be seen, not only for its breathtaking scenery but also for its rich culture. There are many locations in South America that are a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, due to their high importance to our global history. Here, you will be able to experience almost everything from rocky peaks, lush rainforests, glaciers in Patagonia, ancient ruins of the lost Inca civilization, beaches with white sand, unique colonial towns and many more. South America is amazing both due its ancient vestiges and present time, together with the natural beauties that surround the entire region.

If you wish to experience outdoor adventures like never before, then the rainforest that grew for millennia along the river Amazon, the largest watercourse in the world, will be what you are looking for. Home of unique species, the warm and humid environment, covered by an emerald green, is a must-see. In case you like high altitudes, the Andes Mountains will invite you to explore its peaks and rocky trails. To get the unique sightings of habitats that developed remotely, you need to check out the islands of South America, like the famous Galapagos Island, home to some of the most amazing reptile and bird species. The Iguacu and Angels Falls will also contribute to offering you unforgettable spectacle, created by Mother Nature itself.

South America is also well-known for its ancient ruins. One of the most appreciated sites is Machu Picchu, the remaining of a flourishing Inca civilization, located in Peru, high in the Andes Mountains. Realizing that an ancient civilization managed to build all those structures, which live on even today, without the help of modern technology and at the incredible altitude of 2,430 meters (8,000 ft.), makes shivers go down your spine. But besides Machu Picchu, there are other ancient cities throughout South America, waiting to be discovered. Also, allow the colonial towns to charming you, with their 18th Century look. Like being frozen in time, with streets still being paved with cobblestone, plazas, and gilded churches, these towns can be meet almost over the entire South America — along most of the streets that have construction projects in the works, you will likely see containers for sale to people who need dry storage space that is wind and water tight. Here, you will be able to find markets with products made by the locals, being able to take home with you a piece of authentic South America. Also, the food you will eat in these town is traditional and genuine. So if you really wish to live something unique, don’t miss these small cities.

But there are more to see here, even for the ones that appreciate modern times. South America is the cradle of so many musical styles, like the Argentine tango and Brazilian samba and Colombian salsa. So you will find plenty of dance clubs where you will be able to enjoy these exotic rhythms, right on their native land. If you wish to see the modern architecture of the area, then you must visit Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Lima, Bogota, as these are the contemporary gems of South America. If you choose to take a voyage here, you will be surprised at every step you will make.


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