The Beauty Bubble Salon and Museum, Joshua Tree, California

Along a desert highway is a temple to the world of hairdressing, packed with items dating back more than a century – and they also offer retro cuts and colour

Along desert highway 62, between the World Famous Crochet Museum and the dirt car park of the Joshua Tree Saloon, is the gorgeously retro Beauty Bubble Salon and Museum. A full-time hair salon, it is packed to the rafters with vintage hair products and advertising, creatively displayed with real love and a cheeky sense of humour by the owner – stylist and “hairstorian” Jeff Hafler, who has been collecting everything hair-related for 25 years. The pastel-pink walls and shelves are filled with dryers, hoods, perm machines, lotion bottles, curlers, combs, wigs and packaging from every decade since 1900, as well as novelties and knick-knacks including a personal gift from Michael Jackson. The oldest item in the collection is the Summer Girl, an 1883 kerosene-heated curling iron oven.

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