The £12 micro-adventure from London

In Hertfordshire’s Lee valley park a new campsite – with basic pitches and access to canoeing and bushcraft lessons – offers a taste of the wild a short train ride from the capital
Plus more campsites near cities

Just 40 minutes after leaving work in central London and boarding a train, I was walking down a country lane and about to enter a green world. Before me was a small wood, through which I could just see a meadow and a couple of tents; apart from birdsong, the only sound was someone chopping wood and the distant purring of a canal boat.

This was the Almost Wild campsite near Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, on the banks of the river Lee, less than 20 miles north of the capital. It’s one of a new breed of back-to-basics campsites aimed in particular at city dwellers wishing to escape for a day or two into the wild – but without having to travel too far. The site is about a mile from Broxbourne station, easily reached by foot, bike or canoe.

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