Teatro Amazonas The Amazon Theatre

The Teatro Amazonas is an opera house, which is situated in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest. Constructed during the time rubber trade was prevalent this is a museum, which has the best of decorated ceramic tiles and the ideal combination of the Brazilian flag. the dome is covered with such beautiful tiles and has the best combinations of amazing constructions and magnificent structures.

The initial performance was held here in the month of January in 1987 with the opera La Gioconda. the opera house was then shut down when the rubber trade decreased and Manaus lost the main revenue source. The theatre did not have any performance for the next nine decades. Finally, it opened in the year 2001 and reopened its doors. The Amazonian region of Brazil had a wondrous era during the time of the beginning of the twentieth century. The region flourished especially the capital of Manaus. There were many wealthy barons who wanted to relive the lavish lifestyle of the elite Europeans and had a great time looking at the time when they went back to the time of the past glory.

Teatro Amazonas

The construction started sometime in the year 1884 and it was the great Italian architect Celestial Sacardim who supervised it. All expenses were accounted for and the roofing was from Alsace, and the marble was from Italy, and furniture was brought from Paris. Steel was from England and there was a certain charm about the structure, which was unbeatable. domenico De Anglelis decorated the entire building and in the year 1897, the first performance was given. We had the very popular Enrico Caruso singing and people from far across the world including the rich barons of Manaus came to hear him sing.

Amazon Theatre View

Manaus gradually lost its revenue and the town was abandoned by the rich. Today the Teatro Amazonas is open for the public and people really enjoy these tours to Brazil.

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