Take the kids to … the Black Country Living Museum

This open-air museum brings the Black Country’s proud industrial heritage back to life by recreating a 19th-century village that’s both fun and fascinating

In a nutshell
Over 50 buildings from around the Black Country – including a pub, Methodist chapel, school and shops – have been dismantled brick by brick and rebuilt to create a late 19th-century Black Country village in an open-air museum in Dudley. The 26-acre site was chosen because it was already home to a stretch of canal and disused lime kilns and a coal mine – all cornerstones of the industrial revolution.

Fun fact
The Black Country was the first place to successfully harness the power of steam, and changed world in doing so. The museum has the world’s only full-scale replica of the [Thomas] Newcomen engine, invented 1712, which is the size of a house. See more Black County facts here.

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