Take the kids to … Camera Obscura, Edinburgh

Take a fairground hall of mirrors, add a dose of 21st-century tech and you have a fun day out for everyone. Just beware the giant children …

In a nutshell
Like a hi-tech hall of mirrors combined with a science museum, the six-storey Camera Obscura and World of Illusions is a celebration of visual trickery, packed with optical illusions, holograms and interactive exhibits that are – for all their educational value – simply funny. Lose yourself in the mirror maze; get shrunk by giant children in the big-small room; and stagger through the vortex tunnel (but take seriously the motion-sickness warning).

Fun fact
The Camera Obscura itself is like a 19th-century webcam, projecting live images of Edinburgh through a pinhole camera in the roof on to a viewing table (or your hands).

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