Starry Skies festival: go wild in the country

Kids get the run of the Welsh Borders countryside at this small friendly festival, but there are plenty of activities, too, if they tire of all that unaccustomed freedom. Plus five more kids’ festivals

Before we left, George’s mum made me swear not to let our six-year-old-son out of my sight for the duration of the festival. Even as I was nodding in agreement I knew keep this promise would be almost impossible – but I didn’t reckon on breaking it quite so spectacularly or, as things turned out, so willingly.

Before I’d even finished putting our tent up on the festival site, George was making new friends with kids a few pitches down. Fifteen minutes later, he came and asked me, his face aglow with excitement, if he could go and explore the forest with Ravi and Jasper, his new mates – on their own!

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