Sleep with the Fish(es) at Tanzania’s New Underwater Hotel

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First, there was the Jules Underwater Hotel in the Florida Keys. Then came word of Istanbul’s failed underwater hotel project.

Now, from the design team behind Sweden’s Utter Inn (previously mentioned among our 11 Bizarre Hotels That Will Knock Your Socks Off), comes the The Manta Resort.

Aerial Shot of The Manta Resort (underwater hotel), Tanzania

Built just off the coast of Tanzania on Pemba Island, it’s billed as “one of those rare gems few people ever get to see.” And indeed it sounds bucketlist-worthy.


(Unfortunately, their marketing team was so enchanted by the resort’s sheer beauty, they forget to add audio to the video, but … you get the gist)

CNN offers the full report, noting:

… the latest underwater structure is a three-story affair, with a rooftop deck, a bathroom and a lounge area at sea level and finally the bedroom downstairs, with the fish.

At night, spotlights under the windows attract and illuminate squid and octopus — a more reclusive crowd than the daytime sea life.

Snorkeling at The Manta Resort (underwater hotel), Tanzania

Rates start at a totally reasonable $1500 per night for a two-person stay.

Bucketlist: updated.

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