Skyhouse, Lewes, East Sussex: B&B review

This new eco-friendly B&B on a hillside overlooking pretty Lewes is as smooth, slick and modern as it is healthy for both visitors and the planet

We arrived at Skyhouse on a wintry evening, with lashing rain and mist obscuring any view. When we woke up it was spring, and the name of this brand-new B&B made sense – the view from the sliding glass doors of our room was two-thirds blue sky, one-third rooftops and green hills.

Skyhouse sits on the top of Cuilfail Hill, overlooking Lewes, a town known for its support of green causes (as a Transition Town, it is dedicated to finding more sustainable ways of living). But Skyhouse is a first in the area: a high-spec, pre-fabricated eco-home shipped from Germany in parts and assembled in just four days. That was the easy part. It had taken months to prepare the land, knocking down a dilapidated 1930s house and cutting into the chalky hillside, which forms a natural, ragged wall around the rear of the property and is visible from one of the bedrooms.

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