Sigtuna – where Sweden begins

Sigtuna – where Sweden begins

A thousand years ago, King Erik Segersäll realised his bold vision for a new power centre and meeting ground by founding Sigtuna, Sweden's first town. Today, it's a great excursion when visiting today's capital, Stockholm. Combine Viking history with picturesque Swedish atmosphere.

The Magic of being First

From the very beginning, Sigtuna made a habit of being first. Founded around 970 AD, it became an important international trading post and Sweden's first town. As the first modern monarch, Erik strived to form a united country under the new religion Christianity. At the centre of it all was Stora gatan – a bustling main street for all kinds of trade. Around this street a thoroughly planned town was built, rewarding important lords with attractive lots. The city structure is largely preserved to this day.

International Sigtuna

Some 1,000 inhabitants welcomed traders from


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