See the Lights of Ibiza in Stunning Time-lapse

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About this follow-up to his previous time-lapse capture of the lights over Ibiza, filmmaker Jose A. Hervas said:

Using the new generation of cameras I’ve Been Able to do this timelapse, a video made up of long-exposure pictures, joined together to show the movement of stars, clouds, shadows, all making a real acceleration of what happens in Many hours, to see Them in seconds.

99.9% of the video it s been done at night time, With The help of LED lamps, to illuminate rocks, trees etc … When There Was no moon, I used Exposures from 30 to 40 seconds, Taking About 2:30 hours to do a sequence, But It’s better When you see the stars and constellations.

I have also used the moonlight to do shorter exposures because the moonlight can be quite bright, depending on which phase is on. Some of the shots look like they have been done during the day. When you shot under the moonlight the exposure can be from 15 to 8 seconds and can take up to 1.15 hours, so I could shot the movement of the shadow over the rocks, the movement of the clouds during the night …

We say … it’s simply stunning.

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