Pleasures of the Italian Riviera

The Italian Riviera in Europe is a narrow coastal strip lying between the mountain chains and the Liguarian Sea and spans the border regions of France and the French Riviera also called the Cote Daze. Ventimiglia is an earlier customs post and is near this beautiful region. The Capo Corvo also called the Punta Bianca is also here and is located at the eastern end of the Gulf of La Spezia and near the border of Tuscany.

Genoa is the main place here dividing the region into two parts – the Riviera di Levante and the Riviera di Ponente. The Riviera di Ponente is also called the coast of the setting sun. The Riviera di Levante is called the coast of the rising sun. It is found lying between Capo Corvo and Genoa.

Italian Riviera

Tours to this beautiful region provide you with the charms of a magical paradise. With the best sights of the landscapes and fishing ports, this is a region that is a very popular tour spot for all those tourists from all over the world.

Riviera Di Levante

There are many towns and villages in this area and these are popular worldwide. These villages have beautiful scenic beauty and amazing visual delights. Bordighera, Cinque Terre, and Lerici are some of the popular travel spots here. The Italian Riviera is divided into many parts. The part that is located with Savona as the centre is called Riviera delle Palme. The part that has Sanremo as the centre is called the Riviera of palms. The part that has Riviera del Fiori as the centre is called Riviera Del Fiori.

Riviera Del Fiori

With Cinque Terre providing ideal experiences of a fascinating national park, the tours here interlink the five villages. There are hikes and walking zones here, which give ideal tour delights and travel pleasures to adventure lovers. One can reach Tuscany, Genoa, and Pisa easily from here too.

With a lot of pleasurable sights in store, Italian Riviera is an ideal tourist destination.

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