Pleasures at Luna Park

Luna Park is a seat arena in Buenos Aires, which seats around 8,280. It is situated in the corner of Bouchard Avenues and Corrientes in the eastern part of Buenos Aires and is located near Puerto Madero. It has been built on the site of many amusement parks of the same name.

It is famous for having many sporting events like boxing. It also has many music concerts. The fascinating park was started in the year 1931 and was completed in the year 1934. It is situated right in the middle of the city. Luna Park has had many popular personalities like Pope John Paul II. It is home to many volleyball, tennis matches and many ballets. There have been many circuses etc thus making it a perfect travel destination. There have been many basketball competitions that have been hosted here and the 1950 FIBA World Championship is one such match held here. In fact, the final phase of the 1990 Basketball World Championship has been held here.

Luna Park Front View Basketball Competitions at Luna Park

It was the latte Argentine businessman Tito Lectoure who owned the famous park. The place is also popular for being the place where Juan Peron and Eva Duarte met for the first time. This art deco building in downtown Buenos Aires with the neon sign is very similar to Madison Square Gardens. The stadium is around 80 years old and puts on the best show in town. It has made its own niche in the arena of entertainment, athletics, and sports. The world’s first telephony transmission happened here and Diego Maradona apparently had his 1989 wedding party here. Julio Sosa was honoured with a funeral here. Luna Park is a venue that is very famous for having the best blockbuster concert events ranging from ballets to classic operas.

Madison Square Gardens Basketball Stadium in Madison Square Garden

Argentina has been always a tourist’s favorite and people like to come here to enjoy the best of travel pleasures.

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