Peak and mix: adventure activities in Glen Coe, Scotland

Whether it’s ice-climbing, hiking, cycling or skiing, our writer and her family find there’s much more to this elemental Highland landscape than stunning views

The Lost Valley of Glen Coe isn’t hard to find. The path to it starts at a car park on the A82, crosses the glen and River Coe, then starts to ascend. After a nerve-racking narrow stretch above a gorge, the route continues, curving round boulders and crossing the river again via stepping stones. Then, there it is – the Lost Valley or Coire Gabhail, hemmed in by the steep sides of two ridges. Three hundred years ago it made the perfect hiding place for the Macdonald clan’s rustled cattle (its Gaelic name means the Hollow of the Capture). Today, it’s an idyllic spot for walkers and wild campers – we could just make out a tent on the valley floor.

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