Path to paradise in the Appenines foothills

Dante isn’t the only one to have found inspiration in this part of Italy. Our writer explores the Emilia-Romagna region taking in its bell towers, truffles, wine – and also it’s musical side

Foscolo is a luthier – he makes musical instruments. In his workshop, they lie half-finished on wooden benches, as if organically emerging from the worktops. A five-string bass and a double-necked guitar are propped in one corner. But they’re not what Foscolo really wants to show us.

He leads us through a door to his home and through a narrow corridor, where his paintings line the walls. A staircase at the end features a giant kinetic artwork whose parts are designed to tremble and tick in accordance with the Fibonacci sequence. “I call it Il Voce d’Infinita: the Voice of Infinity,” he says. He switches it on. It sounds like a particularly noisy fridge.

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