Mountain: a movie that reaches new peaks of cinematography

Prepare to be taken to dizzying heights as a new documentary explores the physical beauty of the world’s highest places in ‘an exhilarating game of vertical pinball’

The world’s high places are having a moment. Not only is there a minor publishing boom in books about our fascination with mountains, there have been some dramatic films too, partly driven by advances in technology that allow us to get intimate with these rugged landscapes in ways we never have before. In the wake of Baltasar Kormákur’s Everest and the documentary Meru, both released in 2015, comes Mountain, an exploration of our modern fascination with the world’s orogenic zones.

It is a dizzying experience. Mountain brings together some of the strongest adventure sport cinematography of recent years, ricocheting around the planet, from Nepal to New Zealand and Austria to Antarctica, in an exhilarating game of vertical pinball. Few of these locations are identified. It’s the physical beauty of mountains that are explored here – not their actual locations. The adventurers appearing in the film aren’t identified either, nor is what they do set in context. We are left to marvel at what the outliers of our species are capable of achieving.

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