Meeting the locals is a piece of cake in Gothenburg

From jogging in a nature reserve to joining in the Scandi ritual of fika, a new initiative in west Sweden gives visitors the chance to connect with the inhabitants

Within a couple of hours of landing in Gothenburg, west Sweden, I am having lunch at street food truck Jinx with a local named Jonte, who particularly recommends the steamed buns with tofu. Over the course of a long weekend, I also make hallongrottor (jam cookies) at the home of Scottish ex-pat Rob, and go to a yoga class with Maria, who is also a Swede.

But I am not a regular visitor to Sweden – in fact it’s my first trip – nor am I unusually talented at making new friends and persuading them to let me in on the secrets of local life. Rather, I have been introduced to a variety of Gothenburg residents via Meet the Locals, an initiative recently launched by the West Sweden Tourist Board.

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