‘Los Angeles is the globe in a small space’: author Ryan Gattis

LA is the most diverse city in the US, says the thriller writer. And with regeneration, areas like Downtown are fizzing with cultural mashups and food fusions

When I moved to Downtown LA in 2007, it felt abandoned. Going out at night was a bit like being in a zombie movie – it was so empty. It’s changed massively: there’s so much construction going on now, so many new buildings. If there is a parallel in London, it’s King’s Cross.

I’m part of a street art crew called Uglarworks. I met them through a mutual friend. They had read my first book, All Involved, set during the 1992 LA riots, and liked it. I loved what they did and we wanted to collaborate. They essentially took me on as an intern. I carried their paints at first, then eventually began painting with them.

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