Legoland and beyond: a laid-back family break in Denmark

The brand new Lego House and the original Legoland are obvious child-pleasers, but Denmark’s wider Jutland region has all the ingredients for a hassle-free family break

If you asked your child to devise the perfect holiday, what would it look like? Lots of pool time? A chance to play all day? Animal attractions? There are plenty of places that might spring to mind, but a small inland Danish town is probably not among them.

Billund in Jutland, however, has not one but three major draws for families: the world’s first Legoland, opened in 1968; Scandinavia’s biggest water park, Lalandia; and, since September, the Lego House. On top of that, in a stroke of genius, the town has renamed itself Capital of Children. Much more than a clever slogan, Capital of Children is an organisation set up by the Lego company and the local council, tasked with making Billund the most child-friendly place to live and work, not just in Denmark, but in the world.

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