Laughing in Montreal: top 5 things to do in Canada’s comedy capital

Montreal’s Just for Laughs comedy festival – running to 28 July – brings the chuckles but, as comedian Kelly MacLean explains, the city scene itself is ‘just’ as capable of raising a smile (or an eyebrow)

Within an hour of stepping off the airport shuttle, I have already “cheers-ed” a quartet of famous comedians, stumbled upon a free Wyclef Jean concert and actually been asked: “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?” by a complete stranger. This can only mean one thing: I’ve made it to Montreal’s Just for Laughs festival. JFL is the largest comedy festival in the world; the holy grail of standup; the Oscars of chuckles. This summer, the festival will bring an estimated 1.35 million visitors to the city. And those visitors are in for some quirky treats. Here are five Montreal musts to seek out when you’re here:

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