Košice – we live it, you’ll love it!

Košice – we live it, you’ll love it!

Košice – a city located in the east of Slovakia.

Incomparable in size to Paris, London or Berlin, but in beauty and heart – definitely. Its beautiful historical promenade, cultural atmosphere, passion for sports, and great people make the second largest city in Slovakia an ideal place to visit. After all – not everywhere there are underground city walls, an Open Mural Gallery or the easternmost Gothic cathedral to be found. This, of course, is only a handful of wonders the city offers. Let’s go through them together to uncover the beauty, secrets and magic of Košice. In the end, you will surely long to see it for yourself.

St. Elizabeth's Cathedral

Historical centre

Fans of history are going to fall in love with the one of Košice.

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