Konnichiwa Japan! Pt 3: Natural Beauty

Konnichiwa Japan! Pt 3: Natural Beauty

Home of the tech-nation, enormous sub-cultures and beautiful places of wonder, you may overlook the natural wonders that Japan has to offer.

Volcanoes and mountains tower above unique fauna, both natural and manmade, that gives the area a truly unique appearance.

So if the bright lights of the city are giving you a headache and you want to get in touch with your more natural side, then we’d highly recommend you visit some of these beauty-spots.


Mount Fuji

Possibly the most recognised natural features of Japan (and even the world), this 3,376m tall stratovolcano is a symbol of the country. Trekking to the summit is popular with both tourists and locals. The trail is dotted with huts providing medical care, food and places to rest for climbers, who usually begin their trip at night to reach the top by sunrise.<

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