Konnichiwa Japan! Pt 1:  What to eat

Konnichiwa Japan! Pt 1:  What to eat

Japan is an area as rich in its culinary culture as it is in its traditions.

So what can you expect to eat in Japan? We’ve narrowed it down to a few key dishes.


When we say food in Japan, the first thing you’ll think of in sushi. California rolls may be amazing, but the sushi we know and love over here is a far cry from traditional Japanese sushi.

Historically, sushi wasn’t available everywhere, it was something saved for a special occasions. Traditional sushi was a treat, and such those that make it undergo years of training to create bite-sized morsels with an almost obsessive amount of detail.

Traditional types of sushi include nigiri (rice balls topped with seafood), temaki (hand rolled seaweed cones) and norimaki (rolled rich and seaweed). Interestingly the inside out version

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