Join Antwerp’s party people at its Plein Publiek pop-up

A vacant apartment complex in northern Belgium has been transformed into Plein Publiek, a gallery, restaurant and venue

Pop-ups are two-a-penny these days but in Antwerp, Plein Publiek, a new venture that combines a restaurant, gallery, work-out space and rave-y nightclub is luring party-goers, yogies, art lovers and more – and it’s going to be around until at least next May.

Plein Publiek is in a disused block of flats in gentrified Antwerp Zuid, known for chaotic antique stores and the Museum of Contemporary Art. The building is owned by the city council and is awaiting renovation in 2018. In the meantime, Plein Publiek is hosting flea markets, yoga classes and Sunday brunches, and there are art exhibitions in some of the vacant flats. Others are available as rehearsal rooms.

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