Italian village trattorias: readers’ travel tips

Some of Italy’s best food is found in rural, family-run places where fresh, local produce is cooked superbly. Readers share details of their most memorable meals

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If you live in Modena, as we once did, you are never short of fantastic places to eat. Which just shows how special L’Osteria del Garò is, given that it is a 45-minute drive and we made the trip regularly. Start with a luscious pasta course such as gramigna alla salsiccia, or tortelloni burro e salvia, followed by mouthwatering meats cooked alla brace (over hot coals) and served with rosemary roast potatoes; or try the local speciality gnocco e tigelle. A bottle of cold Lambrusco from the vines outside cuts through the richness. It’s superb local produce cooked really well, and served in simple surroundings in a handsome hill village. Perfetto.
Via Cavedoni 54, Levizzano, near Castelvetro di Modena, on Facebook

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