‘It was more than a holiday’: how Interrailing changed my life

As two teens share their excitement and plans for an upcoming adventure, an experienced traveller recalls how Interrailing helped define her life and career

If you had told me that simply hopping on a train to backpack around Europe at the age of 17 would set me on a path which would define my future life and career, I’d have laughed in my Maggi noodles. But, in the 30 years since my mum waved me and two friends off from Oxenholme station, I’ve completed an MA in south-east Asian history, lived and travelled for seven years in Asia and Australia, worked for some of the world’s leading travel companies and now have my own travel PR business. Interrailing was, for me – and for anyone who embarks on a similar rite of passage – about way more than a “holiday”; it was about discovering people and places away from parental gaze; exploring beyond safe harbours; growing up; making friends – and mistakes; being independent and so, so much more.

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