Interesting things to do in Paraguay

While you are in the beautiful confines of Paraguay, enjoy the simple pleasures of being in a quite. The beauty of seeing the visual ambience and the natural surroundings takes your breath away. There are many things you could do here, while you are on those tours filled with scenic delights and tour experiences.

Visit the Lake Ypacarai lying around 20 miles to the east of Asuncion, the capital of the country. With its tropical beach delights and sandy charm, tourists would love to live in the inns and vacation homes, which are provided to the visitors. One of the main reasons why people come here is to enjoy this hot spot in the enchanting surroundings of San Bernardino, a resort town.

Ypacarai Lake San Bernardino

The Lake Ypacarai is a shallow lake filled with marshy pleasures and goes only to a depth of around 10 feet. There are many streams and rivers, which flow into this lake still there is only one river that comes out of it. The wetlands here are very famous and popular for their tropical vegetation and are found growing in and around the water.

Then you have the second largest lake in the country, the Lake Ypoa which is well known for the luscious surroundings and enthralling fauna. The waters of this lake go into the Lake Vera.

Vera Lake Chaco Boreal Paraguay

Tours here are incomplete without going to the Gran Chaco or the Chaco Boreal which spans over 100,000 square miles in the regions of Bolivia, Paraguay, and Argentina. This lovely vast arid plain takes up nearly the entire country and goes upward rising above 2000 feet.

Mountains here are also an interesting feature to experience. The Amambay Mountains are popular here as also the Mbaracayu Mountains filling your experiences with pleasurable pursuits.

Visit Paraguay and take back with you valuable memories and amazing tour pleasures.

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